Alex Sinclair

Alex has been a professional singer/songwriter since the early 1970s. With bands Redbird Blue, Windhover, and Tamarack, and as guitarist for singer Margaret Christl he has toured across Canada, throughout much of the US, and extensively in Scotland and England, as well as Bermuda and Germany. 

He has released 13 albums with Tamarack, and 4 solo albums. His songs have been recorded by Laura Smith, Lee Murdock, James Gordon, Anne Lindsay, Donna Green, The Marigolds, and Bernie Gilmore, as well as Tamarack. 

Between 1984 and 2004 he wrote some 300 songs of political satire for various local and national CBC radio and television programs. 

With Tamarack he created 2 CBC television specials (Tamarack On the Rideau, and The Grand – Story of a River) and was featured in a Global TV special, Tamarack- Music of Ontario). 

He has done co-writing with James Gordon, Gwen Swick, Ian Wheatley, and Anne Lindsay, and orchestrated a number of his songs for performance with the Thunder Bay Symphony Orchestra.

Alex's Band History



Gary Thornton, Christie Dent, Doug Raisbeck, Evan/Gerry Brooks, Peter Vaughan, Doug Cutler, Alex Sinclair 

No name; not released 



1974 - 77 

Alex Sinclair, Gary Thornton, Christie Dent 




ON, SK, AB, 

2004 - album “Flights of Fancy” 



1985 to present 

James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, Jeff Bird  1985-1989 

Tamarack Collection, Shave the Bear 

James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, Andrea Barstad 1989-90 

James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, Melanie Doane 1990-92 

James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, Gwen Swick 1990-95 

Fields of Rock and Snow, Frobisher Bay, On the Prairies, On the Grand, 15th Anniversary Concert 

James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, Carole LeClair 1995-96 

On the Grand 

James Gordon, Alex Sinclair, Molly Kurvink  1996-2000 

Leaving Invarden, Muskoka Calling, Tamarack 13, Blankets of Snow 

Alex Sinclair, Molly Kurvink, Shelley Coopersmith  2000-2003 

Spirit and Stone, Tree 

Alex Sinclair, Molly Kurvink, Duncan Cameron  2003-10 

Alex Sinclair, Molly Kurvink, Jeff Bird 2010-17 




Charlie Cares, Alex Sinclair, Anne Lindsay 

Charlie Cares, Alex Sinclair, Fiona Coll 

Album - “Heartwood”