SGB Productions

SGB Productions began in 1978, when Sutherland, Gordon, and Bird – the trio that was about to become Tamarack – recorded its first album, Music of Canada. SGB has functioned as the corporate home of Tamarack ever since, as record label, publishing house, and management company. It also co-produced two television programmes with the CBC (Tamarack On the Rideau, and The Grand –  Story of a River). 

SGB also produced solo projects such as James Gordon’s first few albums and his work with David Archibald on the Jim & Dave environmental projects for schools, and Alex Sinclair’s CD Flights of Fancy. 

SGB has published two books – So, Know Any Good Songs? (the Tamarack songbook), and Just Like Blood (a book of poetry by Jamie MacKinnon illustrated by Genevieve MacKinnon).